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Last Updated: Monday March 17 2008 06:03 GMT

In pictures: Kids urged to help frogs


Frogs need friends! It's tadpole time and experts are urging kids to learn to love the hoppy creatures by collecting frogspawn safely and watching it develop.

Lizo and pupils at a Peterborough junior school see what's in the pond

Lizo and pupils at a Peterborough junior school see what's in the pond. One half of all amphibian species globally are thought to be disappearing.


Lauren, 10, said she had learned how to care for frogs: "Most frogs are dying so it's interesting to collect frogspawn and see it develop into nice healthy frogs."


Kai, 10, had found out lots of facts about frogs and all the nasty predators that are after them. "We have learned a lot about wildlife," he said.


Frogs are fascinating. That's what Star, 10, said: "It's very interesting to see loads of frogspawn and we have seen lots of different coloured frogs."


Jonathon, 10, thought it was important to keep quiet near frogs as they have very sensitive hearing! "I didn't realise they were in so much danger," he added.


And after learning all about frogspawn, it's important to make sure the eggs or frogs are returned to the same pond they came from. It looks like hoppy times are ahead for this pond!

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