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Last Updated: Friday March 14 2008 10:23 GMT

Bear guilty of stealing honey

A brown bear

A wild bear with a taste for honey has been found guilty of repeatedly raiding a beekeeper's hives.

The beekeeper took the bear to court in Macedonia after spending a year trying to protect his bees and their honey from the hungry beast.

The sweet-toothed bear didn't show up at court, but he was still found guilty of theft and criminal damage.

Because the bear is a protected species and has no owner, the state has to pay 1,750 for the damage to the hives.

The beekeeper said he'd tried to keep the bear away from his bees by lputting lights up around the beehives and playing really loud music.

But when the power failed, the lights went out and the music stopped so the bear sneaked back to stick his paws in the honey hives again.

Meanwhile the bear is still at large in Macedonia - probably looking for his next honey fix!

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