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Last Updated: Friday March 14 2008 08:09 GMT

Kids test computer games in class

Girl playing hand-held console

How would you like to start your school day by playing computer games?

That's what some lucky pupils at primary schools in Scotland are doing to see if games consoles can improve their maths skills and behaviour.

The idea's already been tested at one school, and teachers said they noticed a big change in pupils' abilities.

For 10 weeks, one class spent the first 20 minutes of the day playing "brain training" games on hand-held consoles while other classes had normal lessons.

After the trial, teachers said pupils who'd been playing with the consoles had more concentration, were better behaved and even got higher marks in maths.


One boy said: "It's better than learning maths on paper because it's interactive."

Loads more schools are now taking part in the trial to see if certain computer games really can help you at school, or whether the first set of results were a one-off.


The people behind the idea, Learning and Teaching Scotland, say using computer consoles in class is a good way to get more kids interested in learning.

But critics argue that although computer games are fun, it's misleading to think they can improve your ability in class.