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Last Updated: Thursday March 13 2008 19:07 GMT

No viewers' vote for Oliver star

Scene from the 1968 musical Oliver (Photo by Larry Ellis/Express/Getty Images)

Viewers of the new BBC TV talent show I'd Do Anything WON'T get to choose the young actors who'll go on to star in the musical Oliver!.

The show will follow 12 boys as they audition for the main role of orphan Oliver, but it will be Andrew Lloyd Webber who'll decide who gets the part.

Viewers WILL be able to vote on which adult actress they think should get the role of Nancy.

The BBC said it wouldn't be fair to put the boys through a public vote.

What's your fave TV programme?

Graham Norton (Photo: Andy Butterton/PA
Graham Norton
Graham Norton, who's presenting the show, said: "Those little boys are tough as old boots, but to see them on television, they just look very vulnerable," he said.

"To have a little boy sobbing would be quite upsetting."

Oliver Twist is the story of a young orphan boy who gets involved with a gang of pickpockets in 19th Century London.

The story

The book was written by Charles Dickens, and has since been made into films, TV series' and stage shows.

About 10,000 people turned up to the open auditions for I'd Do Anything, which starts on BBC One on Saturday.

Three boys will be picked to star as Oliver, as the law says each child can only work 20 hours a week.

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