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Last Updated: Wednesday March 12 2008 15:03 GMT

Boy fires gun found in garden


An 11-year-old boy shot a loaded gun that he had found abandoned in his garden.

Sammy thought the weapon was a toy when he spotted it while playing with his three-year-old brother at their home in Smethwick, in the West Midlands.

Nothing happened when he first pulled the trigger, so he was stunned when it went off as he fired at a parked car.

Luckily no-one was hurt, but Sammy said he was really worried about what could have happened if he'd aimed elsewhere.

"What if I'd aimed at a car?" he said. "What if I'd aimed at my little brother playing around and it had hit him?" he said.

Sammy and his three-year-old brother
Sammy with his younger brother
"He could be in hospital or even dead.

"Guns are dangerous and shouldn't be allowed anywhere in the world."

Very scary

The boys' mum said whoever threw the gun into their garden was "evil and selfish".

"Why would anyone throw a gun where children play?" she asked. "They knew this area was a family area, they 100% knew."

It's very unlikely that you'll ever find a weapon like Sammy did, but if you do then don't touch it but tell an adult straight away and they should report it to the police.

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