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Last Updated: Monday March 17 2008 06:16 GMT

First aid is cool

Press Packer Rebecca

If your mum or dad, brother or sister or even one of your best friends broke their arm or had a nosebleed would you know what to do?

Press Packer Rebecca would and she's entered more than one competition to prove it.

"I joined an after-school first aid club.

A lot of people think that first aid is not really cool so I was a bit nervous at first but then everyone was really friendly and it was really interesting and fun.

Pizza time

When we practised it wasn't with text books we actually had fake blood and we used modelling clay to make wounds.

The classes were after school on a Friday and the good thing was they were free. We would also get a snack which was mostly pizza.

Put it to the test

Our teacher said that they had entered us in a regional competition.

Press Packer Rebecca
We practised for what seemed like months and we were bought brand new matching tops to wear as a uniform. It was orange and black and white with flowers on.

We had to do a scene in partners and my scene was a broken arm. We had to ring the emergency service on a fake mobile phone and give all the details correctly and I got full marks.

We put it in a sling and then treated them for shock by lying them down so they are comfy and lifting their feet up as far as you can with them still comfy.

Then we had a scenario where the whole team helped and we ended up winning the competition.

The big city

The next step was the national finals in London.

First aid kit
At the finals we had to do a group scene where a couple had been walking through the woods.

The boy had a lump of wood in his pelvis and the girl had been banged on the head by a log. They used real people and fake blood and everything.

We came second and only lost out by three points so we were pleased.

Stitched up

I would like to keep practising but I have moved to secondary school now and it doesn't do first aid. I am hoping that it will start a course because I think first aid is very important"

Rebecca, 12, Lancashire

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