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Last Updated: Tuesday March 11 2008 08:49 GMT

More gales and floods on the way

Huge waves in Porthcawl, south Wales, on Monday

The UK's stormy weather is set to continue with warnings that more gales and floods could be on the way.

On Monday, strong winds and rain caused problems for travellers, and around 12,000 homes were left without any electricity.

Emergency services said trees and power lines were brought down in the south-west of England.

But weather forecasters say the storms could be moving further north and are warning winds could reach 80 mph.

On Monday, flights at some London airports were cancelled, and speed restrictions were put in place on rail lines.

More to come

Roads were closed because of flooding, and bridges were shut because of the high winds.

So far the floods haven't been as bad as some people feared they would be, but there are warnings that more could be on the way.