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Last Updated: Thursday March 13 2008 11:38 GMT

Do you think homework should be scrapped?

Girl doing homework

A group of teachers is calling for kids to do less homework, because of fears it puts them under too much stress and makes them unhappy.

They say that teenagers should do less work at home, and primary school kids shouldn't have to do any at all!

But do YOU think homework should be binned?

Do you think it helps you learn more, or does it just stress you out?

Whatever your views, email and let us know.

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Your comments

"Half of me thinks homework should be banned because I think we work loads at school and we need to go home for a rest. I also think homework should stay because some children don't work hard at school and if they get homework they have to do the work!"

Elysee, 11, Stockton-on-Tees, England

"Homework is fun - it's better than being bored all evening that's for sure."

Tiffany, 8, Rochdale, England

"I hate homework because I can't do anything after school and it puts me in a bad mood for the next day."

Charlie, 11, Sussex, England

"I think homework should be banned or optional as it causes me a lot of stress and I go to a lot of after school clubs and I get in trouble with teachers for not finishing it. But I try my best."

Jasmine, 13, County Durham, England

"Half of us think that homework should be stopped because our parents don't help us enough, and when we get to school we feel nervous and under pressure for not having it done. The rest of us think homework should not be banned, in fact, some of us even think we should get it every day! We think it is better because in secondary school we will get homework everyday so it is good to prepare ourselves!"

Chestnut Class, 9/10, London, England

"I think homework should be banned. Most homework is just something for you to do. It should be optional because too many people are getting in trouble for not doing homework. People say to avoid getting into trouble just do the work, but when you get to senior school the homework gets piled on. In the past 3 days I've had 6 pieces of homework and it's also stressful and complicated."

Beca, 13, Newcastle, England "I think that homework is a good thing and a bad thing. I think it is a good thing because it helps you get a good level at maths and literacy. I think it is a bad thing because children get stressed out."

Isla, 11, Leeds, England

"I think homework should be banned because when we come home we want to play out with our friends, relax and spend time with our families instead of being stuck indoors doing homework. When we don't hand our homework in on time we get told off for it. We have 5 days at school to do work but only 2 days to have a break."

Shannan, 11, Essex, England

"I think that homework should be gone because when you're at home some people don't get help from their mum or dad."

Zharnelle, 10, London, England

"I do not think that homework should be banned because it can help us to continue to learn during our holidays, so that when we go back to school we will have an idea of what we are supposed to do."

Chloe, 10, London, England

"I don't like homework, but I don't think it should be scrapped."

Tyla, 10, London, England

"Yes, because it helps you when you don't understand at school. You could ask your mum and dad."

Jenna, 9, London, England

"Homework is good for kids because it helps them in their study."

Doyin, 10, Portugal

"I disagree that homework should be banned because it's good to revise what you learn at school."

Enisa, 10, London, England

"I think there should be no homework because I have clubs to go to, therefore I do not have enough time."

Gemma, 9, London, England

"We already have enough work at school, never mind at home!"

Max, 10, London, England

"I think homework is a great idea, because it makes us learn more about the subject."

Patricia, 10, London, England "I don't think homework should be banned. We should just have less homework, then we will be able to look forward to sports after a tiring day at school."

Jack, 13, Chicago, USA

"I think homework should be limited to maybe half an hour a day. That way we don't have too much but enough to get us ready for any exams."

Alex, 13, London, England

"I think homework should be scrapped because all of the paper we use is a waste and we should only have to use it in the classroom."

James, 10, Portsmouth, England

"I think homework is a good thing. Even though it is boring, it helps us. If we had no homework we would have to revise from books instead, which is very boring."

Tilly, 10, London, England

"I do think homework is boring but I think it is a good way of revising what you've done at school."

Lucy, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think homework should be banned because I get it every day, even at weekends, and it makes me stressed. All I think about it homework!"

Kylie, 10, Surrey, England

"We should have homework because it helps us learn discipline and we get a better education."

Naeema, 10, Blackburn, England

"Even though homework is important, I feel it should be banned. Since Irish schools work differently, there is very little chance it will be banned."

Ryan, 11, Dublin, Ireland

"I think homework should be scrapped because we have learnt everything that's on the homework sheets. I'd rather play with my friends!"

Niamh, 7, West Midlands, England

"I hate homework. I have a very busy life out of school and it puts me under a lot of stress having homework too... I mean, don't we do enough work in school?"

Alison, 12, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I think homework should be taken out of schools because children have enough learning at school. They should rest at home so they don't get too stressed."

Joseph, 8, Kent, England

"Homework is just an excuse for some teachers because they don't start the lesson at the right time. They just pile on the homework and you don't understand it because you haven't learnt about it."

Jamie, 14, Anglesey, Wales

"They call us fat for not exercising, they call us thick for not doing homework and they call us gangsters for going outside - what are we supposed to do?"

Alice, 12, Nottingham, England

"I think homework is useless. Teachers should make pupils do it in class as a lesson."

Philip, 9, Buckinghamshire, England

"I don't think homework should be banned. Some people might not like it but it really helps children to learn."

Ione, 8, Leeds, England

"We feel that doing homework is very tiring and that our time outside of school should be for us to spend as we choose. We do lots of work during the school day and don't need to do any more at home. Homework takes away our time when we could be doing other activities or spending time with our families. It also puts extra pressure on us."

Class 6S, 10/11, Bournemouth, England

"I don't think homework should be scrapped. I learn things by doing research for work at home and enjoy it. It can make me quite tired some nights, but it might help me get a better job in the future."

Miche, 12, Guildford, England

"Our teacher says homework is important to help with tests."

Luke, 11, Yorkshire, England

"I have to do 1-2 hours homework every night which I think is unfair. I am in year 9 and it will be SATs soon but still, I would rather spend that time with my family."

Morgan, 13, Bournemouth, England

"I think homework should be scrapped because I think school is for work and home is for fun."

Yvonne, 11, Scotland

"I'm in secondary school and we have school seven hours a day. It's bad enough getting school work, but the point of home is for bonding with our parents, not stressing out over a piece of homework."

Vandna, 12, London, England

"I think there should be less homework as there is no time for sport."

Tiegan, 10, Southampton, England

"I don't think homework should be completely banned because it helps our education, but I 100% agree that it should be cut back."

Emma, 13, Surrey, England

"I used to, before coming to high school, be able to spend my weekend relaxing for the week ahead and playing with friends. Now, with all the homework I get I am more stressed out at the weekend than at any other time."

Natalie, 13, West Yorkshire, England

"I don't think homework should go. I find it very hard, but I enjoy it and get house points."

Ellie, 9, Hampshire, England

"I think homework should be scrapped because sometimes I get five pieces a day and some of it has to be in the next day. Teachers just don't understand you have more than just one lesson a day!"

Rhianne, 13, London, England

"I hate homework, it gets me stressed and doesn't let me have fun when I'm worrying about it."

Jessica, 9, South Yorkshire, England

"I think that homework should be scrapped. We get two or three pieces every day and we miss out on having fun."

Naomi, 12, Southampton, England

"I think that homework is a vital part of our work, it helps us out and keeps your head in a working mode. It also gives you a chance to teach yourself and learn your own way in your own time."

Evie, 13, Bristol, England

"I have way too much homework everyday and I think it's really stressful. I would rather do it at school."

Tom, 11, Bristol, England

"I think that homework is a bad idea because we do enough work at school and it is unfair that we are given more to do over the weekend when it should be time to hang out with our mates and have fun!"

Sam, 14, Redditch, England

"I think that high schools have far too much homework and that we do not get enough help."

Demi, 13, Leicestershire, England

"I get loads of homework every day, one time I got six pieces! I hate homework and always dread what will happen if I forget it. It would be great if homework was scrapped, but if it isn't it should only be given out at weekends or holidays (except coursework or GCSE stuff, that's more important)."

Liz, 12, Cheshire, England

"Homework should be cut down a lot, but not stopped because it kind of helps. It should be cut down because it stops us from exercising and playing out."

Daisy, 11, Cambridgeshire, England

"I think we should learn what we need at school and not have to do it in our spare time. We have a social life as well and I don't think the teachers realise that."

Emily, 13, Suffolk, England

"Homework should not be given out every day because it means kids can't be kids. Kids can't play out till homework is done! But my mum disagrees and says homework is good!"

Sophie, 11, London, England

"After a hard day of work at school we should be able to relax, but instead we have homework, aka school at home!"

Jake, 11, North Yorkshire, England

"Homework should be scrapped because it leads to arguments, which can even cause fighting with your family. It can also cause misunderstandings because your mum/dad learnt a different way. Therefore, homework should only be fun or just be scrapped."

Seb, 10, Yorkshire, England

"It's a waste of time, we have social lives!"

Jonathan, 12, Hertfordshire, England

"I think homework is stupid you do all that work and then they go and give you more!"

Chelsea, 12, Oxford, England

"Homework DOES stress out a lot of kids, especially primary school kids. It's not so bad for the older kids, they should be able to handle it. They should not get too much though."

Luci, 10, Bedford, England

"I think homework should be banned because you are wasting time to play outside and that is part of fitness. Sometimes we get extra homework and your friends are always outside before you. I hope they ban it."

Levi, 10, County Armagh, Northern Ireland

"I think homework should be banned because it stresses me out every night. Me and my friends don't like homework because if we don't do it we don't get to go out and play."

Adam, 11, County Armagh, Northern Ireland

"Well yes because we all have better things to do than waste our time on homework and we get a good enough education at school in the first place."

George, 11, Croydon, England

"To have less homework is OK but if you're in Year Six and you come up to a test you might not be able to answer the questions because of doing less homework."

Abi, 9, London, England

"Even though it can be quite boring, homework lets us learn out of school which will help us in the future."

Year 5 Literacy Group, 9/10, Nottingham, England

"I think there should only be revision homework and things to finish off homework. It's hard getting homework when you need to finish off essays. They shouldn't remove it completely, just cut it down."

Lucinda, 14, Huddersfield, England

"I think homework should be scrapped because children have enough to do at school. I also think it is important that children have time to do other things, such as playing games and doing exercise."

Billy, 11, West Yorkshire, England

"I think homework is very important in your learning."

Jennelle, 9, London, England

"I hardly ever revise because we get so much other homework. I would rather take an extra year at school instead of doing homework, and still most of it is pointless."

Josh, 13, Kent, England

"I think there are more important things in life than homework, such as doing exercise and having fun."

Jason, 11, West Yorkshire, England

"I think homework is wrong because when you get home you should spend time with family, not worry about doing your homework."

Evie, 11, Somerset, England

"I think homework should be scrapped. We do lots of work at school then we go home to rest and enjoy ourselves, so why do loads of work at school then have to do even more at home?"

Astra, 13, Portsmouth, England

"I think we should get like one page of homework a week so that it recaps what we have learnt in class and makes sure we've learnt it well."

Hayder, 12, London, England

"Homework helps children have discipline at home. When they go to work it won't only be restricted to their work place and homework helps prepare children for this."

Emma, 12, London, England

"Homework really shouldn't even exist because school is for work, home is for play. We shouldn't have to spend ages doing work at home, it's so depressing."

Faye, 12, Liverpool, England

"I think people should give kids less homework because when we come home from working hard all day the last thing we want to do is more work."

Lauren, 13, North Warwickshire, England

"I think homework should be banned because we already do six hours and 15 minutes at school and I don't think we should. In upper school you have to stay in for an extra 15 minutes and you get extra homework there too."

Ben, 10, Essex, England

"I do think we have too much homework. If they lowered the amount they give us that would be better, anyway we need it to do well in life."

Charlie, 13, South Yorkshire, England

"I think there should be less homework, but not all of it banned because it helps you build on what you do in class."

Hannah, 13, England

"I think that we should not have to do any homework because it cuts into the time you can spend with your friends or family and it makes you stressed."

Caitlin, 12, Scotland

"Definitely not! What about in the summer holiday? People would just stay in the house and look at a square screen all day. Kids should be doing at least two pieces of homework every week (one in English and one in maths) so please don't shut down homework."

Amy 9, Cleveland, England

"I don't really mind, maybe they should just give out LESS homework..."

Abigail, 12, Somerset, England

"I don't think homework should be scrapped because homework is revision of what you have done in school and if you don't revise you'll forget everything."

Amirah, 12, London, England

"Keep reading homework but no written homework. We need some homework to help us get higher grades and show our parents what we are doing."

Class 10, 9 and 10, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

"I think that homework should be banned because we go home after learning for six hours and then we have to do more! We need to rest!"

Michelle, 12, Oxford, England

"We do enough work at school and I think at home we should get a break."

Abbie, 8, Edinburgh, Scotland

"No because it's giving you a better understanding of the work you've been doing in school."

Gabriele, 12, London, England

"Homework is bad because we keep going over things that we already know."

Ben, 11, Bournemouth, England

"Yes it makes me unhappy. At the weekend it comes before everything else and we can't play."

Lucy, 10, Surrey, England

"I think homework is important and should not be scrapped. It gives you a little bit more help than what you get in school and you learn more about things."

Georgia, 10, Manchester, England

"I think homework should be scrapped because it puts a lot of stress on children."

Sophie, 12, Cardiff, Wales

"I think it should be binned. If the teachers have done their jobs properly then they wouldn't need to give us extra work to do at home."

Chloe, 10, Cambridgeshire, England

"I think homework should be banned because we shouldn't have to do school work in our own time."

Ellen, 11, Herefordshire, England

"I think homework should be scrapped. It puts to much pressure on young people and we do enough hard work and learning at school!"

Hannah, 13, Sussex, England