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Last Updated: Friday March 14 2008 11:18 GMT

Send us your storm tales and pics

Woman with umbrella in storm

Wild winds, non-stop rain and maybe a bit of snow? You must be experiencing what experts think will be the worst storm this winter.

There are reports of trees being uprooted, roofs being blown off and telegraph poles falling over.

But we want to know what it's like where you live. Have you seen any storm damage? Has your school been closed?

Has the wind kept you awake all night or perhaps you're lucky enough to have a bright and sunny Monday?

Email us your stories, we want to hear them!

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Your comments

"There was one night that was very windy and the top of our roof came off! We have to get it fixed now."

Katie, 10, Manchester, England

"The storm wasn't that bad. A bit of wood blew off our shed and the wind was so noisy I couldn't sleep."

Izzy, 10, Buckinghamshire, England

"We've had sun and light winds since Monday - best weather for three weeks! Not even a hint of a storm, it has hardly even rained."

Sally, 12, Stirling, Scotland

"Our lock gates have been broken and there is no water in our canal."

Jake & Beth, 9, North Cornwall, England

"The wind has been blowing at 45mph and our neighbours' fence came down. The river is flooding really quickly!"

Harvey, 10, Gillingham, England

"Luckily where I live has not been hit by all the bad weather, it is just horrible and dark and drizzling. It is really depressing!"

Hollie, 11, Preston, England

"When it has been windy I opened my mum's car door, it was caught by the wind and I literally had to yank it shut again!"

Emily, 9, Guernsey, England

"I have to walk over a bridge over a river every day and the tide was so high. It was so rainy and windy my mum and I nearly got blown off the bridge! When I got home from school the fence in the garden had blown over."

Kira, 8, Devon, England

"It was fun in the rain."

Reece, 9, London, England

"I did not get under the umbrella because I like getting wet."

Matthew, 8, London, England

"When I walked to school on Monday I could not even use an umbrella, so when I got to school I felt soaked and I feel sorry for the poor people that might have really been soaked."

Chloe, 10, London, England

"On Monday I was going to school and the rain made my socks wet but I feel sorry for the people that get floods in their city or village."

Zharnelle, 10, London, England

"On Monday I thought the weather was horrible, I even had an umbrella but that was no use because it got blown away."

Tiana, 10, London, England

"How come there is a big fuss when there is bad weather in England but no one bats an eyelid when storms hit Scotland?"

Sophie, 15, Wick, Scotland

"I would feel absolutely happy if the wind blows, non-stop rain comes and there might be a storm because there might be no school."

Abi, 9, London, England

"We had floods so deep that the cars that were parked in the flood were moving across the road because the water was causing the cars to float!"

Helena, 11, Jersey

"I almost got blown away with my umbrella!"

Alex, 8, London, England

"The day was great in the car but out of it, it was a completely different story, it rained so much I got soaked!"

Sam, 9, London, England

"At school it rained so much at lunchtime we weren't allowed outside, not even to go to the toilets, we all had to use the Year Seven ones!"

Rhianne, 13, London, England

"I live on the Isle of Lewis and I don't understand what all the fuss is about. I mean, 60-70 gales are just a gust of wind compared to what we have in the winter, but we're never on the news!"

Kelsey, 11, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

"I have had severe hurricanes and believe me it is terrifying."

Sammather, 12, Scotland

"In Ireland we are expecting some bad weather, with very strong winds for Tuesday night into Wednesday."

Colleen, 14, Ireland

"We were supposed to have a really severe storm, with winds coming up to 80mph, but instead all we had was a cold breeze!"

Rhiannon, 12, Edinburgh, Scotland

"Down in Sennen, Cornwall, a trailer blew over on one side!"

Tyler, 9, Cornwall, England

"My cousins live in north Wales and have been affected. They were without power and had to have cold beans for tea."

Betti, 12, Kirkcudbright, Scotland

"The power at school went out and stopped the computers and smart boards working."

Jake, 8, Isle of Wight, England

"My bus was ok but someone said that their bus was REALLY late because a falling tree missed them by just a little bit!"

Jordie, 10, England

"When I went to school this morning the bus was late and I had to wait one hour in the pouring rain, HORRIBLE winds and there were some hailstones too. I was FREEZING and my hands were numb!"

Ellie, 12, Buckinghamshire, England

"On the way to school there was a tree that had fallen down! Our bus driver didn't know what to do as there were cars in front and behind! Eventually we got to school 20 minutes late!"

Hayley, 11, Essex, England

"Here in Penarth we've had huge winds and some people have been told to stay off the pier. The water is coming up over the railings! Also, my friend Ella has gone to London and I hope she gets back safely."

Lauren, 10, Penarth, Wales

"We had lots of wind and rain here, even my fence has blown down!"

James, 10, Weymouth, England

"l woke up to go to school, when l was outside the wind blew my hat off."

Jamie, 9, London, England

"I woke up last night because of the rain and I nearly fell out of bed!"

Carissa, 10, Sutton, England

"In Cornwall we have had lightning and thunder and the wind has been really bad."

Charlotte, 9, Cornwall, England

"I was woken up about six times in the night and there were twigs and rubbish in my garden in the morning. I'm scared my mum will make me clean it up!"

Becca, 10, Brighton, England

"I go to school by train and I didn't go today because Mum said I'd get there and probably wouldn't get back. Now it looks like the trains aren't running anymore so we definitely made the right choice!"

Madi, 9, Dyffryn Ardudwy, Wales

"It is really rainy and windy here, we had wet play all day!"

Class 3R, 8, Morden, England

"Our weather is horrible. My tree almost split in half and my fence fell down."

Katie, 9, Crawley, England

"We have seen lots of wind and rain. We are worried about our family and pets. We are scared about walking home from school in this terrible weather. We hope that no more fences or trees will be knocked down. We are hoping it will stop tonight and we can have play outside tomorrow."

Class 4L, 8 & 9, Southampton, England

"The wind is so strong that it blew my chimney off my house, oh dear."

Kerry, 14, Brighton, England

"Here in Blackpool the weather is really bad and it looks like we will have a storm. We are expecting really strong winds tonight."

Class 3/4NC, 7 - 9, Blackpool, England

"My dog fell over and landed in a big, big puddle and got soaked, she was flicking dirty water all over me!"

Kate, 10, London, England

"On my way to school it was pouring with rain. Everyone's umbrellas were turning inside out and it was a disaster. The buses were taking ages."

Jemica, 11, London, England

"When I was walking to school I got drenched."

Emily, 10, Peckham, England

"Today, when I was going to school I felt so dreadful that I wanted to scream. I could not walk because the wind blew me away"

Melanie, 10, London, England

"I was blown down by the wind so I was wet all the way to my school."

Dominic, 13, Blackpool, England

"The rain has not been so bad here actually. It just comes and goes, so I think we got off quite lucky. I still feel sorry for the poor people who are getting floods."

Joshua, 15, Poole, England

"My dad is a fisherman based in Devon. He had to come home early because the waves were really big. He said they were bigger than a house!"

Zack, 7, Devon, England

"Our school has been closed because the heating is off and the weather is so bad. It's tipping down!"

Josie, 11, Kent, England

"Our school has been closed until 1pm. The electricity is off, because of the storm. At home we had a branch down from the willow tree in our garden, it just missed the playhouse where our guinea pigs live.

Beatriz, 10, Godalming, England

"We have had to pin down my trampoline to stop it from flying away. There are flood warnings and my friends are getting out their sand bags. I wonder if school will be cancelled?"

Jasmin, 11, Cornwall, England

"The storms that hit Taunton have now caused our fence to cave in."

Anya, 9, Somerset, England

"The storm moved our trampoline at the bottom of the garden to the top of it!"

Lily, 10, Bath, England

"This morning I woke up at 2.45am to go to the toilet and all I could hear was the wind and the rain! I am so tired, as I couldn't get back to sleep!"

Rebecca, 10, Devon, England

"I woke up at 4am because of the storm! I woke up and heard so much wind it scared me. Luckily I got back to sleep until 6am when I woke up AGAIN!"

Gemma, 8, Essex, England

"The rain and wind woke me up at 3.45am this morning and I couldn't get back to sleep! I am so tired!"

Diane, 10, Chertsey, Surrey

"I was walking across the playground to my sister's classroom and the wind and rain was so strong I could lean on the wind."

Conor, 9, Harpenden, England

"Well because it is mock SATs this week I want my school to be closed!!"

Katherine, 11, Verwood

"It woke me up about 10 times in the night! My younger sister was horrified, and even the rain was moving things!"

Michael, 8, Kent

"In the early hours of this morning, we had gale force winds up to 65mph and I couldn't sleep. This morning, it is sunny, but it is going to get much worse later."

Olivia, 13, Newton Abbot, England

"Where I live I'm not used to rains being this strong - maybe a few spits and dribbles but this time there's a puddle forming by my front door inside the house from the rain. We hope the rain stops otherwise by the time me and my brothers get home from school our house may be flooded."

Frankie, 11, Beckenham