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Last Updated: Sunday March 09 2008 13:47 GMT

In Pics: Record snow storms in America

A snowy street in the American blizzards

Heavy snow storms have swept across America's Midwest, dumping record snowfall on the state of Ohio.

A postman battling through the snow to make his deliveries

About 51cm of snow fell on Ohio's capital, Columbus, breaking the city's previous record of 39cm of snow in a single storm, which was set in 1910.

Snow ploughs on the streets

The icy snow has disrupted flights and blocked loads of roads, but more than 1,000 snow ploughs have been sent onto the streets to try to clear them.

A woman shovelling snow off the pavement outside her cafe

In the neighbouring state of Kentucky, this woman's trying to clear a path to her café so customers can still get in.

A dog covered in snow

Parts of Canada have also suffered some of their worst winter weather in years. This dog is up to her shoulders in the white stuff in Ontario, Canada.

People sledging in the snow

But not everyone thinks the snow is a bad thing - these two look like they're having a great time!