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Last Updated: Sunday March 09 2008 12:10 GMT

'Worst winter storm' to batter UK

A man with an umbrella on a stormy day

A huge storm that's thought to be the worst we'll have seen this winter is expected to hit large parts of the UK.

Weather experts have issued severe weather warnings across England and Wales, with winds of up to 80mph expected in the south and north west.

They say the storms will hit most areas late on Sunday, but the bad weather could stick around until Wednesday.

People are being told to stay away from the coast, as it's feared strong winds and high tides may cause flooding.

The government's environment agency is also warning people against going to watch the rough seas and waves.

Spokesman David Rooke said: "We're giving a very strong message to stay away from coastal areas.

"There will be huge waves, a lot of spray and it will be a very dangerous place to be."