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Last Updated: Friday March 14 2008 05:36 GMT

Girl given Sport Relief club cash

Abbey, aged 12

People all over the country are taking part in sporting activities to raise money for Sport Relief, which uses the cash to help people at home and abroad.

Press Packer Abbey is one person who's been helped by the charity event - she got some cash to set up a club in her village.

Here's her story.

"In my area it's really bad because it's really boring and there is nothing to do.

I used to hang out at nearby park, but it was ruined when the older kids tore apart the slide and vandalised it.

Setting up

Abbey practises the splits!
Abbey practises the splits!

I decided that I wanted to try cheerleading so I asked my mum's work if she could help me get some money from Sport Relief.

They helped me fill in the forms and we were really lucky when Sport Relief gave the club 500 for pompoms and outfits.

We train once a week for an hour.

We have to do warm-ups and we have to learn certain jumps like the toe-touch jump where you have to jump up in the air in a sort of splits and touch your toes.

We've got the pompoms and my main hope was to get costumes too. Thanks to Sport Relief we are now getting them specially made and I am really looking forward to it."

Abbey, 12, South Wales

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