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Last Updated: Friday March 07 2008 14:33 GMT

Don't swap frogspawn, say experts


This gloopy and gooey stuff is vital for the survival of frogs and experts are warning people to be careful with it. We're talking about FROGSPAWN.

Every year, hundreds of tiny eggs appear in garden ponds, with some of them growing into tadpoles, which become frogs.

It turns out some people are giving away their frogspawn so other gardeners can put it in their ponds.

But experts say it's bad to do this because it messes around with nature.

Charity Froglife is concerned that it can lead to diseases and plants - which come with the spawn - getting into places where they're not supposed to be.


Instead, it's urging gardeners to make their ponds really frog-friendly, so the creatures will want to leave their eggs there.

They can do this by providing rockeries where the frogs can hide and adding features like log piles.

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