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Last Updated: Friday March 07 2008 06:17 GMT

Eagle rediscovers joy of flying

Methuselah the golden eagle

A golden eagle that has spent most of her life in a cage is rediscovering the joys of flying free.

Methuselah was captured illegally when she was four, and spent the next 25 years being stuck in a small space.

But now she's learning to fly again at a falconry centre in Scotland. Because she has spent so much time around people, she isn't scared of them.

But that's making it easier for rescuers to teach her the skills she needs to get on.

Methuselah the golden eagle

Methuselah was discovered in Yorkshire in northern England.

She seemed depressed, wasn't moving very much and was in need of some tender loving care.


Because she has spent so long with humans, it was feared she would never survive if she was released straight back into the wild.

But it's hoped that she'll make enough progress to hunt for her own food while swooping over Scotland's mountains.

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