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Last Updated: Thursday March 06 2008 14:18 GMT

One-legged chicken fights cancer

Eve with her owners

Meet Eve the one-legged chicken. She is so precious to her owners that they're helping her to fight cancer.

Eve was left with one leg when the disease attacked her body.

She's just had a growth removed from her remaining leg and is about to have an intensive course of drugs to try to make her better.

It has cost Eve's owners 1,000 - but they think she's worth it. "If you've got an animal you love, it makes no difference," said Eve's owner Elaine.

"Up until now, you wouldn't really know she's got cancer - she looks so perky," added Elaine, from Worcester in central England.
More pictures of Eve

"We wanted to do more for her because she's obviously got such a zest for life."

Meanwhile, Eve continues to lay eggs like there's nothing wrong with her.


Her owners can't eat them at the moment because of the medication Eve's taking, but here's hoping the plucky chicken gets well soon.

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