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Last Updated: Monday April 21 2008 15:52 GMT

Single Review: Panic at the Disco - Nine in the Afternoon

Panic at the Disco

Release date

Out 17th March

The sound

Nine in the Afternoon is the new single from Panic at the Disco's up and coming album.

This new single is catchy and more upbeat than some of their previous releases. However, it is definitely just as energetic as the songs you are used to hearing from this band.

They have a load of different instruments involved in making this song as catchy as the rest.

The words

Panic's new video
Nine in the Afternoon is a song about feeling good. The boys are singing about memories of good times together and about when the band first got together. Don't take our word for it though, the words 'We're feeling so good' are sung many times. The Panic boys are happy indeed.

Will you still be humming it next week?

Although it's a bit different from their old stuff this song is super catchy and you're going to be humming, or even singing, along to it for weeks after you first hear it.

Will it make the charts?

We reckon Nine in the Afternoon has a good chance of making an appearance in the charts.

NR rating:

NR Rating

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Your Comments

"I really like this song and so do all my friends, I first saw the video on Kerrang! the tv channel and the video is as good as the song. Me and my friends have been singing it since it came back and it is always in my head."

Isobel, 11, Birmingham

"This song is so good however, I don't actually think it's as good as the songs from A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. I hope their next single is a tiny bit better."

Eve, 10, Stockport, England

"I think this song is really good, I have the album and I saw them live. I love them, they are my favourite band!"

Charlotte, 13, Warrington, England