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Last Updated: Thursday March 06 2008 05:35 GMT

All kids should be able to go to school

Press Packer Diana at Number 10

Seventy two million kids around the world don't get the chance to go to school.

Press Packer Diana thinks all kids should have an education and she went to Downing Street to get the Prime Minister to sign a pledge to do more to help.

Here's her story.

"I feel all children in the world should be able to go to school to get an education so they can become intelligent men and women.

I think children in the UK who don't like school are being naughty - they don't know what benefits they'll get.

Kids around the world need the opportunity to go to school they really, really need it.


I lived in Nigeria until I was nine so I have seen the situation there first hand.

Press Packer Diana and the PM Gordon Brown
The PM signs up
Many kids there beg for money on the streets, these kids don't go to school and they are not taken care of.

If they went to school they'd learn how to take care of themselves.

These kids are human beings like me and should get the same chances in life.

Big card

I spoke about the issue at school and was chosen to go to meet Prime Minister.

We took a big card for him to sign saying he would do more to help kids around the world.

I would like him to visit some of the countries and look at what life is like for kids who don't go to school and donate money to help.

I hope he keeps his promise to help try and get all kids an education."

Diana, 10, London

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