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Last Updated: Wednesday March 05 2008 15:24 GMT

Celeb drug-takers are bad example

Amy Winehouse, Kate Moss and Britney Spears

Celebrities who take illegal drugs and don't seem to get into trouble for it are setting a bad example to you, according to the United Nations.

In its annual report about drug use, it says that while celebs get into trouble with police for taking drugs, they're not being punished seriously enough.

And they're worried that means young people are more likely to think that it's okay for them to take drugs too.

Now they want celebrities to be made more responsible for their behaviour.

It seems the more scandals celebs get caught up in, the more headlines they create.


Britney Spears' problems with drugs and alcohol saw her banned from seeing her own children and ordered to take drugs tests by an American court.

She seems to be paying a high price for mixing drugs and fame, but that's not always the case.

Amy Winehouse has been in the news a lot lately after big nights at the Brits in the UK and the Grammy Awards in America.

Her career is at an all-time high right now, but she's also had a very public battle with drugs.

Special treatment

The problem is, although she's been questioned by police about it, she's never been charged.

Likewise with model Kate Moss, who's become even more successful since stories about her drug use were first made public.

That's added to fears that some celebs are getting special treatment when they get into trouble and that's exactly what the UN wants to stop.