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Last Updated: Monday March 10 2008 12:40 GMT

Do celebs make drugs look cool?

Amy Winehouse

Celebs who use drugs and seem to get away with it are sending out the wrong message to kids, the United Nations has warned.

It says drug-taking celebs seem to get softer punishments than non-celebs, and reckons the courts should be making an example of them.

So do you think celebs who take drugs are cool? Or are they setting a bad example?

Should they get into more trouble when they do something wrong? Or are the problems they seem to have with drugs enough to put you off using them?

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Your comments

"I think celebs take drugs because of the stress that they are under from the media. They don't set a good example and don't look cool, but they show strength in getting over their problem."

Kathleen, 12

"No. It shows us that they are stupid for taking them and shows us how bad they are!!!"

Ciara, 12, Cavan, Ireland

"I think they think it does. I also think it's just something to do in their spare time and to spend money on."

David, 12, County Durham, England

"I think that when "celebs" take drugs they shouldn't be in the newspapers, and that when they DON'T take drugs they are in the newspapers."

Laura, 12, Woking, England

"I think celebs should get a really harsh punishment if they take drugs."

Amy, 9, Ashbourne

"I think celebs are trying their best to look and sound cool, but I don't think it's setting a good example to younger kids like us."

Annabel, 9, Wirral, England

"They should get in more trouble because they are role models for many people, who could copy their actions."

Alex, 11, Colchester, England

"I think it's not very cool at all. People just gotta understand life isn't a joke. She'll never be my role mode."

Rosie, 13, Birmingham

"Drugs? Cool? Give me a break. Celebrities glamorising poisoning yourself? The most uncool thing I've ever heard."

Iri, 11, Cambridge, England

"I think that celebs like Amy Winehouse should get harsher punishments about taking drugs and just because they are celebs they should not get away with taking them."

Julie, 10, Edinburgh

"I think celebs should be punished really badly if they take drugs."

Owen, 11, Brighton

"Celebs who take drugs are so UNcool! They set a bad example and I don't see why they get softer punishments than non celebs we are all people and should me treated equally!!!"

Aisling, 10, Galway

"I think that if stars take drugs and then it is put everywhere in papers and magazines then it's setting a bad example to young children in the world that its good to take drugs. The stars should have harsher punishments to make young children realise what the consequences are."

Phoebe, 12, Cardiff

"They do sort of make drugs look distinctive and cool but I know full well not to take them."

Sean, 13, Oldham

"I am appalled how many celebs use drugs just because the celebs are cool does not mean using drugs will make them cooler."

Abby, 10, Huddersfield

"If people know celebs take drugs shouldn't they be given the fine and the time in jail as any other person would get? I just don't understand..."

Guy, 11, Macclefield

"I think pop stars make drugs look like fun and that if you take them you won't get in trouble. "

Iain, 12, Peterborough, England

"I think celebs get away with taking drugs and make children think that it is ok to take drugs and that they can get away with it!"

Emily, 11, Gloucester, England

"I think taking drugs is really stupid."

Stephen, 12, Middlesex, England

"If sportsmen or women take drugs to make them better they would be cheating."

Jamie, 11, Chelmsford, England

"I don't think it makes them look cool - no way! Why would a drunk, drug addict, even if they are a celebrity, inspire me to be like them? Although some people idolise their favourite celeb, I would get really put off seeing them in the state that some of them seem to be in now. It is unfair the way they don't seem to get the same penalties if they are caught."

Allie, 13, Hull, England

"Everybody should be punished for taking drugs - celeb or a normal person. They're giving a bad example to younger children just because they are getting away with it!"

Asal, 11, Manchester, England

"I think if they were taking drugs they should be punished like any other person."

Jacob, 12, Wiltshire, England

"I don't think they are making drugs look cool. I think it is just silly to take drugs!"

Christina, 11, London, England

"Well, it must be hard always being followed everywhere and everyone always looking into your private life but I would never EVER take drugs - not even in a situation like that!"

Eliza, 9, London, England

"I think drugs are completely life-ruining. People think that it makes them look cool but it actually makes you sound mentally insane. Drugs are a disgusting habit that cuts down your lifespan every second. If celebrities are caught taking drugs, I think they should be pulled from their job. It's horrendous."

Natasha, 11, London, England

"Celebs don't get punished enough for taking drugs. We're all human aren't we?"

Emma, 10, Cheshire, England

"It definitely doesn't they throw away their dreams if you're on drugs and you lose half your fans!"

Elizabeth, 11, Birmingham, England

"I think celebrities should get punished more. They think they can get away with anything all because they are celebs. They should have more responsibility. Who would WANT to take drugs? They only kill you in the end. It's a bad example."

Carina, 9, County Durham, England

"Every one should be punished for taking drugs. So if celebs are taking drugs why can't they get punished for it?"

Sana, 11, Sheffield, England

"I don't think they look cool. Drug-taking is disgusting and celebrities should think how they look to their young fans."

Alexander, 9, Paignton, England

"I think that famous people should get punished more, because it is giving a bad reputation to children younger than us."

Erika, 12, Essex, England

"By taking drugs these people are making themselves even more famous, but for the wrong reasons. I think they make drug taking look far from 'Cool'."

Harriet, 13, Ryde, England

"Celebs don't make drugs look cool, they make themselves look foolish. They should get into the same amount of trouble as anybody else otherwise, they will realise they can get away with it. Also, what makes them different to anyone else? Everyone should be treated the same in this situation."

Megan, 13, Essex, England

"I don't think they make drugs look cool because it creates so many headlines about how turbulent and crazy their lifestyle is and most people don't want that. However, they are setting a bad example to their young fans!"

Aiden, 14, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"I think that celebs think it's cool, but it's not. It makes them look vulnerable. And it's not a good example to people who follow them."

Sarah, 11, Windsor, England

"People think that because celebs take drugs, it is ok to take them. people look up to them and want to be exactly like them, they are having a bad influence on future generations"

Jess, 11, Norfolk, England

"No way! Drugs are only for medical uses, NOT making someone look cool."

Tom, 11, Newbury, England

"I don't think that punishing them would work. They obviously do it because they have issues and they need help, not punishment. I do think that it is wrong, and that they are bad role models to kids, but they wouldn't do it for the sake of it."

Liz, 13, Bromsgrove, England

"I think they should have harsher punishment as they set a really bad example to us kids!"

Frankie, 11, Bruggen, Germany

"I think they should have fair treatment, because they are only human and we are all equal. And if they were serious about music, or whatever profession, then they would only want to be known for their talent."

Wunmi, 13, Bristol, England

"I can't understand why people would want to take drugs. It just makes people, including celebs, look stupid!"

Jessica, 12, Manchester, England

"No, I think when you see celebs like Amy on stage and in the papers and see what's happening it worries you and you never want to end up like them. They always look ill and when Amy was performing for the Brits she looked terrible. I never want to be like that so I think seeing them are putting kids off."

Bee, 12, Cambs, England

"They should get punished. Just because they're celebs doesn't mean they can get away with it!"

Maryam, 9, Manchester, England

"Well, not for me! However, other people think that if celebrities like Amy Winehouse can get away with it so easily then so can they. I think that this is why drugs are being used by a lot of people. For those people that take drugs I'd advise you to stop!"

Caitlin, 10, London, England

"If you see your favourite singer or football star taking drugs the younger people in the world are going to say 'well they do it, why can't we?'"

William, 11, Leicester, England

"They don't look cool and should be punished just like normal people would. Why should they be treated differently?"

Lily, 12, Nottinghamshire, England

"Celebs shouldn't get more punishment, they should just get the same. It isn't a good example for kids if they are taking drugs because people see them on TV."

Carrie, 10, County Wicklow, Ireland

"It makes them look foolish for ever taking them in the first place."

Laura, 12, Durham, England

"I think they do make it look cool, but even so I would NEVER take drugs or smoke. It's disgusting and I'm cool enough the way I am."

Louise, 10, Woking, England

"I don't think it makes them cool, I think it makes them a bad person."

Georgina, 10, Huntingdon, England

"Everyone can see what a mess they are and they get really bad press. They prove to you how drugs can mess up your life."

Carla, 12, Newcastle, England

"No, all the celebs taking drugs are in a state at the moment. You can do fine without drugs even if you are a celebrity. They are all setting a bad example."

Ron, 13, London, England

"I think that they give out a message that you can get away with it but they are not encouraging us to take drugs."

Melissa, 13, London, England

"I find that celebrities don't make drugs look cool - far from it! When I see all these people going into rehab/jail I just end up thinking that I never want that kind of life."

Collette, 13, Bushey, England

"Celebs only go to rehab and normal people get punished, it's not cool!"

Alex, 13, London, England

"I think yes mostly. Celebs don't get punished like they should do. The law seems different for them compared to a normal person who takes drugs. It's unfair."

Hannah, 13, England