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Last Updated: Tuesday March 04 2008 06:07 GMT

In pictures: Meteor crashes into school field!

Satifaa, 12

Pupils at a school in Birmingham were amazed when a meteor crashed to earth during their PE lesson. Satifaa, 12, said they're still getting over the shock!

Nicole, 13

Nicole said she didn't know what it was or what to do when she saw the meteor flying towards them.

Bethaney, 13

But Bethaney thought she knew what it was. "I thought it was a pigeon, because it was just like flying around with bits coming off it," she said.

Kulvinder, 13

Kulvinder said the meteor missed them by a couple of inches: "We were really scared in case it would have hit one of us."


Riaz said it came out of the sky and over the factory. "Then it came down to the grass and made a bang noise."