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Last Updated: Saturday March 01 2008 11:47 GMT

Harry back from Afghanistan duty

Harry, left, arrives home

Prince Harry has been greeted by his dad and brother on his return from 10 weeks of Army service in Afghanistan.

Prince Charles and Prince William welcomed Harry back to the UK when his plane touched down in Oxfordshire.

The 23-year-old Prince was pulled out of Afghanistan after the news got out that he was serving in the country.

Harry was brought home because Army bosses were worried that he would become a target for fighters, putting himself and others in even more danger.

The Prince had secretly been in Helmand Province fighting the Taleban, a group which used to control the country.

He was able to be there while no-one reported on what he was doing, but other countries let the secret slip.

Prince Harry on duty
Prince Harry

Harry may be leaving Afghanistan, but there are still thousands of men and women fighting there.


He's always said he wanted to use his Army training and fight like any other soldier in places like Afghanistan.

But it's not clear whether he'll ever have the chance to do that again.