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Last Updated: Wednesday February 27 2008 17:05 GMT

Scientists find giant sea monster

Pliosaur (Tor Sponga, BT)

The remains of a huge sea monster which would have been big enough to bite a car in half have been discovered on an island in the Arctic.

The monster would have been 15 metres from nose to tail, and is thought to be the biggest sea reptile ever found.

But don't worry, it's unlikely any of them are still around as the fossilised remains are 150 million years old.

Scientists say it is a pliosaur, a type of reptile that lived in the oceans during the age of the dinosaurs.

The monster was dug up in August 2007 and taken to the Natural History Museum in Oslo, Norway.

It was found along with the remains of 40 other creatures, described as a fossil "treasure trove" by scientists.


A second large pliosaur has now been found on the Arctic island

Head scientist Dr Jorn Hurum said: "We have carried out a search of the literature, so we now know that we have the biggest [pliosaur].

"The flipper is 3m long with very few parts missing. On Monday, we assembled all the bones in our basement and we amazed ourselves - we had never seen it together before."

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