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Last Updated: Monday March 03 2008 13:03 GMT

'I woke up when the roof shook'

The boys with NR's Laura

Liam was woken by the largest earthquake to hit the UK for nearly 25 years. It struck in the middle of the night. This is his story.

"I first knew it was happening when I woke up. I woke up because the roof was really shaking!

I looked out the window and loads of bricks were falling down off the rooftops.

'Felt like ages'

I went and checked on my wee sisters to see if they were all right. They were awake too. And all my wee brothers woke up too.

I've got three brothers and two sisters. We were all all right, but bits of the roof fell off.

We stayed in the house. My dad went outside to see what was going on.

It felt like it went on for ages, even though it was a few seconds.

House on TV

I was scared that we might get killed or something. I didn't know what was happening until dad told me it was an earthquake. I've not had anything happen like that before.

All our relatives from Scotland called to see if we were ok - they'd seen our house on TV!

Everything's all right again now. But loads of bricks are in my garden and we have no TV aerial now so I can't get pictures on my TV upstairs anymore!"

Liam, 6, Lincolnshire

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