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Last Updated: Tuesday February 26 2008 07:14 GMT

Trends 'make children miserable'

Going shopping

Kids who feel under pressure to follow the latest trends could be making themselves miserable, a report says.

Some children are so keen to get new clothes, gadgets and computer games that it's making them depressed, the Children's Society study suggests.

Kids - either by spending their own cash or by influencing what grown-ups buy - are splashing out on stuff worth 30bn a year, research shows.

Experts reckon that adverts aimed at kids are to blame, and they want a ban.

A Children's Society spokesman said: "It is clear that if an advert is described as ruthless, it is clearly inappropriate and raises questions about how we value children.

"These ads should be banned."


An Institute Of Child Health spokesman said that rising mental health problems may be linked to kids being "preoccupied with possessions - the latest in fashionable clothes and electronic equipment".

But some advertising bosses dismissed the report and called for more research into the issue.

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