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Last Updated: Monday February 25 2008 15:11 GMT

Country allows elephant cull


Elephants in South Africa could be killed off in an effort to control how many of them are roaming the country.

The government there says it will back a cull of the creatures, but only if other ways of controlling the animals have failed to work.

People living close to elephants say that the creatures are dangerous, eat crops and drink their water supplies.

There's been a ban on elephant culling in the country 1995. Since then, the amount of elephants has rocketed.

It's thought numbers have gone up from 8,000 to 20,000 animals.

The government said it expected an angry response from animal rights campaigners. Medicine

Other ways of controlling elephant numbers include improving the animals' enclosures, moving them to other locations and giving them medicine to stop them having more babies.

Culling will be allowed from 1 May.

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