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Last Updated: Friday February 22 2008 06:28 GMT

I want better internet safety for kids

Pupils using a computer

Press Packer Ammani is on the children's panel of a special group which looks at keeping kids safe online. The group is called the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

She recently went to a conference with other European children to discuss how internet safety can be improved for kids.

Here's her report.

"I'm concerned about child internet safety.

Being a member of a special panel, I went to a conference for young people in Brussels.

Other young people from countries across Europe were also there to talk about the issue of internet safety.


We broke up into groups and my group was given the topic of social networking sites.

We looked at some of these sites and gave a presentation about the good points, risks and questions we'd like to ask governments and businesses.

We thought that children should be more aware about giving out personal information on these sites and told more about the dangers of what could happen if you do.

Private pages

We also thought that there should be a 'report abuse' button at the top of websites, so it can be seen clearly.

And that the default setting for a personal page should be set at private; rather than it being public first and you having to make it private.

I thought our presentation went really well, important people listened to our recommendations and they were writing down our comments.

It was interesting working with children from other countries, we all had different views but we worked well together.

Safe surfing

I would like there to be better internet safety for children.

I think the internet is a good thing as long as it is used properly.

And kids should be able to use it safely."

Ammani, 12, Yorkshire

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