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Last Updated: Wednesday February 20 2008 08:14 GMT

Peregrine falcons moving to city

Peregrine falcon

The world's fastest creature - the peregrine falcon - is ditching the countryside to set up home in cities across the UK.

The speedy birds can swoop at up to 124mph (200kph). They're proving to be real city slickers, having been spotted in London, Bristol and Birmingham.

One pair even moved into Lincoln cathedral to build their nest.

The birds are quite rare, so wildlife experts are really pleased they they're adapting to city life.

Falcon facts
Peregrines are often silent, but - when alarmed - they make a chattering noise
They have a body length of 34-50cm
Peregrines mostly eat other birds, but they occasionally hunt bats, rats, voles and rabbits
The creatures are more used to nesting on cliffs and mountains, so - in built-up areas - they often head for tall buildings.


Last year, a pair of peregrine falcons made their home on a council building in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

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