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Last Updated: Thursday February 14 2008 18:43 GMT

NR visits school with metal detectors

Laura in front of a metal detector

Laura's been to a school in America where everyone has to walk through metal detectors before class.

They're meant to make everyone feel safe - but are they a good idea?

Here's Laura's report.

"Normally when you get to school the first thing you do is hang your coat up and get your books out.

Bags are searched
Bags are searched
But imagine if you were searched when you walked through the front gate. That's what's happening in some schools in America.

People there are really worried about kids bringing in weapons like knives and guns - so there's extra special security to keep everyone safe.

I went to a school in Washington DC.

On every door, there were big metal detectors - which everyone has to walk through before lessons start.


They're like the ones you might see in an airport. They make a really loud noise if they detect you've got something on you.

There are security guards too, who check everyone's bags and pockets - and there are lots of cameras keeping an eye on what's going on too.

We spoke to some of the children there who told us the detectors and security staff make them feel really safe at school.

One of the teachers told us he worries about what might happen to the kids out on the street and thinks the detectors are one way of keeping an eye on everyone.

But some of the kids told us the extra searches can be a bit of a pain if they're running late for class.


There's been a lot of talk about some UK schools getting metal detectors.

The idea is to make you feel much safer - but not everyone's happy. Some people think they're just wrong."

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