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Last Updated: Wednesday February 13 2008 14:21 GMT

Red pandas on the run in Scotland

Mother panda

People in the south of Scotland are being asked to help find two red pandas on the run from a wildlife park.

The pair - a mother named Pichu and her daughter Isla - made their escape last week, when a tree toppled on to their pen in stormy weather.

The pandas are about the size of a small dog, and it's thought they're camping out in a wood in Galloway.

Police said the creatures are not a threat to the public, but anyone who sees them should report the sighting.

The father of the young panda was also in the pen, but he stayed behind at the Galloway Wildlife Conservation Park.

Red pandas are native to southern Asia and mainly eat bamboo.

Their closest relative is the giant panda
But they look more like racoons
They live for around 12-14 years
They mainly feed on bamboo
But they also eat acorns, roots, and berries
They are slow on the ground, but at home in trees

They spend most of the day curled up sleeping, with their bushy tail wrapped around their head.


At night, they like to climb. It's thought the escaped pair may be hiding up a tree.

It's hoped they'll make their own way home when they get hungry.

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