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Last Updated: Wednesday February 13 2008 10:30 GMT

Hollywood writers end huge strike

Writers' strike

The people who write American TV shows and films have voted to go back to work after a three-month strike.

Filming on movies and shows was held up after writers refused to work because they were unhappy about their pay.

But on Sunday, a deal was struck between the people who pay them and the heads of the writers' groups.

The row focused on how much they were being paid for work that was sold on DVD or shown on the net. New payments for the writers have been put forward.

Writers voted in favour of the deal and the strike is officially over.

Under the new plans, writers will earn double rates for films and TV shows which are sold as internet downloads.

Back to work

The president of the Writers Guild of America, Patric Verrone, said: "The strike is over. Our members have voted. Writers can go back to work."

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