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Last Updated: Thursday February 14 2008 15:37 GMT

Kids to pay for parents' parking

The bus lane

The head teacher of a school in Kent has hatched a plan which means kids are punished for their parents' bad parking.

Pupils at Sir Joseph Williamson's Mathematical School face detention if they get into cars parked in a bus lane near the school.

The head teacher is hoping the new rule will mean children will try and push their parents into parking properly.

Newsround went to the school to find out what the kids think about it.

Eleven-year-old Sam said he thought punishing kids for their parents' actions is a bad idea.

Sam, 11, said it's unfair to punish kids for what their parents do
He said: "It's really unfair how children are getting punished for what the adults are doing.

"I think that they should have their own designated car park."

Good idea

But 12-year-old Ben disagrees.

He said: "Punishing the kid is a good idea because you can get the whole concept through to the parents."

The registration numbers of the cars are also being sent to the police.

The head teacher, Keith Williams said: "What I'm actually saying to the pupils is help us to educate your parents.

Twelve-year-old Ben thinks it's a good idea
"Basically what we want is the pupils to say to their parents, 'Don't pick me up in the bus bay because I'm likely to get into trouble'."

There has been a mixed reaction from parents, some saying the school should provide extra parking and transport for pupils.

But others said the rule would make the roads near the school safer.

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