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Last Updated: Tuesday February 12 2008 12:15 GMT

Eagle can see again after rare op

Electra the eagle

A golden eagle which lost its sight after flying into an electricity pylon can see again after a rare operation.

Electra the eagle was being chased by crows when she hit the pylon, suffered an electric shock and was left blind.

She was taken to a sanctuary in Scotland, near to where her accident happened, where a vet performed the first operation of its kind on a bird.

Electra was put to sleep and the vet managed to bring back sight in one of her eyes. She is now doing well.

Vets do not often carry out operations like this on birds because the shock of the anaesthetic can kill them.

An eagle
But without the operation Electra would probably have been put down.

Her other eye was too badly damaged to be made better but she can manage with one eye.


Electra can't return to the wild though because golden eagles rely on their good eyesight to spot their prey from long distances.

Instead, she will stay at the Wings Over Mull sanctuary where she's made friends with a male bird with a broken wing.

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