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Last Updated: Monday February 11 2008 13:57 GMT

US writer's strike could be over

Strike signs

Work might start on loads of big films and TV shows again, as a massive strike in Hollywood could be coming to an end.

Filming on lots of movies and shows in the US has been held up after writers refused to do any work because they were unhappy about their pay.

But a deal has been struck between the people who pay them and the heads of the writers' groups.

The rest of the writers will decide if they agree with the deal in a vote, which is being held on Tuesday.

About 12,000 writers walked out of work back in November, because they wanted more cash.

The strike has caused big trouble in Hollywood.

Lots of TV shows had to stop being made, and work has been held up on many movies.

The Golden Globe film awards was cancelled because of the strike, and it even looked like the Oscars could have been called off. But now it looks like the Oscars are back on.

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