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Last Updated: Sunday February 10 2008 11:37 GMT

Asbos for kids 'aren't working'

The report says Asbos for kids aren't working

Asbos - the rules given to people who misbehave - are not working for many kids who get them, a report says.

They were brought in to try to stop people committing crimes and causing problems, but the report claims that some kids think it's cool to have one.

Asbos often control where people can go and who they can hang out with. People who break them can be arrested.

The report says that children should be given support to improve their lives, instead of getting an Asbo.

Asbo stands for Anti-social Behaviour Order.

The report, for the Institute for Public Policy Research, claims that the threat of an Asbo isn't stopping kids from getting into trouble.

Badge of honour

Research shows that many children see an Asbo as a badge of honour, the report says.

It wants Asbos on kids under 12 to be banned in most cases.

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