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Last Updated: Friday February 08 2008 13:28 GMT

Quiz: Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

Question 1

When was Amy born?

A: 12 September 1981
B: 13 September 1982
C: 14 September 1983

Question 2

What was her debut album called?

A: Dave
B: Frank
C: Kevin

Question 3

Back To Black was the UK's biggest-selling album of 2007, but how many copies did it shift?

A: 1.45 million
B: 1.65 million
C: 1.85 million

Question 4

Where did Amy grow up?

A: London
B: Birmingham
C: Norfolk

Question 5

Amy was expelled from the Sylvia Young Theatre School for doing what?

A: Never doing her homework
B: Piercing her own nose
C: Breaking the school bell

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