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Last Updated: Friday February 08 2008 05:43 GMT

Sonali reports on Naples rubbish

Sonali in Naples

The city of Naples in Italy has a BIG problem with rubbish.

Loads of the stuff is littering the streets there because the dumps are full.

Newsround's Sonali travelled to the city to find out more about what's going on. Here's her report...

"When I first got to Naples, I was expecting to see bags of rubbish piled up everywhere - but I didn't really see any uncollected trash in the city centre.

But then I spotted a massive bin of rubbish on fire near my hotel and managed to take a photo - from a safe distance!
Sonali saw this fire outside her hotel
Sonali saw this fire outside her hotel

The next morning, I went for a drive around the area.

The first place I stopped was the Bay of Naples - it's really nice there.


You can see the islands of Capri and Sorrento in the distance and the volcano Vesuvius.

But, as I carried on driving around, I quickly realised it wasn't all that pretty.

On the outskirts of the city, you can see how bad the rubbish problem is.

Some of the pavements are blocked by uncollected waste and it really, really stinks - just like rotting fruit.
Bay of Naples
Bay of Naples


I went to visit kids at a primary school in a place called Melito.

The school had to close for three days because of the trouble the rubbish was causing.

When the kids were in class, the smell from the trash was so bad they had to keep the windows shut.

In the end, pupils couldn't even get through the school gates because they were blocked by bags of rubbish.

Nine-year-old Frenci said: "When I go home, I can't even go and play in the park because there are piles of rubbish there too."
Kids' views

Matteo, nine, said the smell was "disgusting".


There has been a rubbish problem in Naples for years.

Now European politicians have warned Italy to sort it out or action will be taken against the country.

The kids are back in school now, but they're hoping for a solution to the problem in other parts of the city.

Let's hope Naples gets cleaned up soon!"

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