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Last Updated: Wednesday February 06 2008 08:32 GMT

Jumpers keep chilly chickens warm

One of the chickens modelling its designer knitwear

A group of chilly chickens who've lost their feathers have been kitted out in specially designed woolly jumpers to keep them warm.

The bald birds were sent to live with Brigitte Hawley in Kent after being released from a battery farm where they'd had their feathers pecked out.

Brigitte created the 'chux tux' jumpers to protect the birds during winter as they adjusted to their new lives.

As well as keeping the hens warm, they also help them to grow new feathers.

One of the chickens modelling its designer knitwear
The designer poultry pullies can come in all shapes and sizes
The designer jumpers have been adapted from bobble hats, with each bird having its own creation depending on which bits it needed warming up the most!

It may sound silly, but it seems to be working.

Since their release from captivity in November, the four hens are already showing signs of recovery thanks to their designer outfits.

"Just to see them around the garden and doing what chickens should do is lovely," said Ms Hawley.

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