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Last Updated: Wednesday February 06 2008 07:25 GMT

In pictures: Kids have their say on US President

Laura with kids in America

America won't pick its new President until November, but election fever is already sweeping the country. Laura spoke to kids in Washington to find out what they think about it all.

Annabelle, 9

Annabelle says the election is very important because "people have to pick a person who cares about the country - they can't slack off".

Democrat Hillary Clinton

And she thinks Hillary Clinton's experience means she should win: "Every President so far has been a man and it we had a female in charge things would be different."

Nelson, 9

Nelson doesn't think it matters if the next President is black or a woman. But he said if he were President he'd bring back the troops and make sure the homeless were ok.

Ryan, 11

Ryan's mum is in the Army. He said: "The election is such a big deal because everyone want's a President who's going to do good for the country and bring everyone back from Iraq."

Hadiyyah, aged 8

Hadiyyah wants the next President to stop the war in Iraq "because it hurts a lot of people".

Rebekah, 9

Rebekah's dad is away in Iraq for a year. "I don't know why the war was started and it concerns me," she said. "We used to be friends with Iraq."

Henry, 8

Henry's worried about global warming and thinks the environment is one of the most important things the next President will have to deal with.

Henry, 10

Ten-year-old Henry agrees: "It's going to be horrifying if the kids I have or adopt don't get to see my two favourite animals - the Cheetah and the Dolphin - because they've died out."

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