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Last Updated: Saturday February 02 2008 11:02 GMT

Snow's causing chaos across UK

Snow falling on the A66 in County Durham

High winds and snow are adding to the weather chaos sweeping across the UK.

About 200 people had to be rescued from their vehicles after blizzards forced traffic to grind to a halt on a road in County Durham, in the north of England.

And a ship captain and two passengers who were injured on a cargo ship off the Isles of Scilly during the storms had to be airlifted to hospital.

Elsewhere, the bad weather has caused huge power failures as thousands of homes were left without electricity.

Weather experts are warning there's more bad weather on the way, but think the worst is over.

Storms have been battering parts of the UK for the past few days.

Schools and roads have been forced to close and several ships have been getting into trouble in high winds at sea.

A ferry ran aground at Blackpool on Friday, while in Scotland a trawler was driven aground in gale force winds and high seas off the Scottish island of St Kilda.