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Last Updated: Saturday February 02 2008 13:02 GMT

In Pictures: Sportsround's Six Nations


Who will win the Six Nations? We held our very own junior tournament to decide. The team playing as Ireland are hoping for glory...


Wales believe they have a really good chance of winning. Can they really do the business though?


The team representing Scotland reckon they can clinch victory. Will it be that easy?


The boys wearing England shirts reckon they have home advantage over their rivals.


France hope they can win the tournament. Do they have what it takes though?


And Italy are raring to go. Can they power past their opponents?

England v Italy

England kick off and lose their first game to Wales. And after playing Italy, it was all over for England!

Scotland v France

Scotland lose their first match against Ireland and then they're beaten by France. The Scots are sent home!

Italy v Wales

Italy lose to Wales in their first match...and they can't do enough to reach the final of the tournament. Wales win both their matches - they are in the final!

Ireland v France

Ireland's first match against France was a draw. So did France make it to the final? Click on "Sportsround Six Nations Final" on the right-hand side to find out...

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