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Last Updated: Saturday February 02 2008 13:03 GMT

In Pictures: Sportsround's Six Nations Final

Referee David talks to the Wales and France captains...

So here we go. Sportsround's very own Six Nations tournament. Wales take on France. The referee talks to both captains before the final begins. But who will win?

Wales 1-0 France. France are awarded a scrum

The action kicks off. Wales have already taken the lead. It's 1-0. France are awarded a scrum.

France player

Wales have scored another point! It's now 2-0 to Wales. France are going to have to work hard to win the game.

France coach and players

It's half time and France are chasing the game. France's coach gives them a team talk. Can they still win the match?

Wales team talk

In the Wales camp, the coaches tell the team to hold onto their winning lead.

Joseph talks to the Sportsround cameras

Just minutes to the final whistle and Wales' player Joseph gives a quick update to the Sportsround cameras.

France players

It's all over. France have lost to Wales. The French players look defeated. They did really well to get to the final though!

Lizzie awards the trophy to Wales

Sportsround's Lizzie awards the trophy to the victorious Wales team.

Wales celebrate

Yes! Winning feels good! Wales celebrate their fantastic victory. Will this be the outcome of the real tournament?

Kissing the trophy

All the Wales players are happy... Joseph kisses the trophy. Well done to all the teams who took part!

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