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Last Updated: Friday February 01 2008 09:08 GMT

Storms to get worse across UK

High winds are making the sea really rough in North Yorkshire

Get out your hats, scarfs and gloves! Snow is expected to fall in many parts of the UK.

Blizzards are forecast for Scotland, while the North East of England and East Anglia are also predicted to see plenty of snowflakes.

Some schools in Shropshire have closed because of the snow and two in Powys, Wales, after bad weather cut off power.

Storms are battering other parts of the UK, with a dramatic ferry rescue after it ran aground at Blackpool.

In Scotland, a trawler has been driven aground in gale force winds and high seas. A helicopter is trying to rescue the 14 crew on board, who are off the Scottish island of St Kilda.

Check out the stormy weather in Scotland

BBC forecaster Tomasz Schafernaker said Scotland could expect gales and 20cm to 30cm of snow across the hills, but added that "this is not unusual" for the region.

There will be snow in the North East, in areas such as Durham, Newcastle, Yorkshire and Cumbria starting around lunchtime.

Later in the day the snow will reach Lincolnshire and East Anglia. The rest of the UK will have passing wintry flurries and sunny spells.