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Last Updated: Thursday January 31 2008 17:28 GMT

Robot cracks famous puzzle

The Rubot II in action

A robot has been invented that can solve a famously tricky puzzle in less than a minute.

The RuBot II has cameras in its eyes so it can have a good look at the jumbled-up game before solving it.

The puzzle is called a Rubik's Cube, and is made up of coloured squares. It probably drove your parents mad in the 1980s.

The robot uses a special formula to work out what moves it needs, then gets on with it using its pneumatic arms.

The robot's nickname is 'The Cubinator'.

The robot's inventor, Pete Redmond, says the robot is just for fun, but the science behind it can be really useful.

Say hello to the Cubinator!

The technology that helps the RuBot to see can also be used in other robots in places where it might not be safe to send people, like nuclear disaster zones.

"You can send in a robot that can see and make decisions on its own," said Pete.

Meanwhile, the RuBot is sticking to its puzzles.

It can solve the Rubik's Cube in less than 50 seconds - no matter how well it's scrambled - but it's personal best is an impressive 21 seconds!