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Last Updated: Wednesday June 04 2008 10:48 GMT

In pictures: Who's after George Bush's job?

George Bush

George Bush won't be handing over his presidential crown until 2009, but the race is already on to find out who he'll be handing it to...

George Bush

He can't put himself up for the job again, because the rules say he's been in the job too long.

John McCain and Barack Obama

So it'll be going to one of these two guys, war hero John McCain, or 'beach babe' Barack Obama...

John McCain

John McCain is fighting for Mr Bush's party, the Republicans. He's been a politician for ages, and if he wins, he'll become the oldest man to get the job.

John McCain with his wife Cindy

Mr McCain - seen here with his wife Cindy - is a former navy pilot. His plane was shot down during the Vietnam War in 1967 and he spent more than five years as a prisoner of war.

John McCain

Mr McCain stands for common-sense politics, and was a BIG supporter of the Iraq war. But now the 71-year-old's got another fight on his hands...

Barack Obama

His opponent, Barack Obama, is fighting for change. He's against the Iraq war, and wants to make America more eco-friendly.

Barack Obama

He's unlike anyone who's ever run for president before, because so far all the men who've tried for the job have been white. If he wins, he'll be America's first black president.

Barack Obama

Some people think that at 46, Mr Obama's too young for the job. But he's famous for his amazing speeches, and during his campaign he's been treated more like a pop star!

White House

But whether it's the former soldier or the man who's been called a rock star, we won't know who's won the race to the White House until November.