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Last Updated: Friday February 01 2008 06:01 GMT

NR talks to young Penelope star

Andi-Marie as young Penelope

No we're not telling porkies - a new film is coming out about a girl who's been cursed by a witch so is born with a pig's snout and ears.

Penelope, which is released on 1 February, stars Christina Ricci as Penelope and has other big names including James McAvoy, who played Mr Tumnus in Narnia.

Newsround caught up with 10-year-old Andi-Marie, from North Somerset in England, who plays the young Penelope in the fantasy film.

What was the filming like?

We filmed on three Wednesdays in a row in London. I had to ride a bike around a table and the first time I did it I banged my legs and had big bruises on my legs.

Penelope poster
Then I had to do a puppet show and then run to the gate outside my house with Catherine O'Hara, who played Penelope's mum, trying to drag me back into the house because she didn't want the world to see me with my pig-nose.

Did you get to meet any of the famous stars?

I met Christina Ricci, Catherine O'Hara, Richard E Grant and James McAvoy. They were all really nice and made me feel very comfortable.

How did they make your pig-nose and ears?

First I had to go to a chocolate factory where they covered my face and ears with the material they use at dentists to make impressions when you're having braces made. I had to have straws up my nose so I could breathe as it stayed on for half an hour. They sent that to America to get made.

What was it like wearing them?

Andi-Marie as young Penelope
The nose was stuck on with special make-up glue and was quite comfy when it was put on. I had to be careful when I was drinking and use a straw.

They used a spray to blend it in with the colour of my face. The ears weren't glued and were made out of gelatine so you could have eaten them (but I didn't!) It was a bit odd when I saw myself in the mirror!

What did your family think?

My twin sister Brandy-Leigh was very excited about it too and came up to see me filming with my funny nose and ears on.

Are you looking forward to seeing the film?

This is my first film and I am so excited, I'm really buzzing. I am going to see it with my family and some friends the day that it comes out.

What do you want to do in the future?

I would like to be an actress or a quantum physicist or anything to do with art. I would like to do films where there's magic, or anything really as long as I don't have to kiss anyone.

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