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Last Updated: Thursday January 31 2008 12:58 GMT

Heavy storms batter parts of UK

High winds are making the sea really rough in North Yorkshire

Heavy storms are causing chaos across the UK with some parts of Britain being whipped by winds of up to 70mph.

In Wales, the bad weather has caused power failures that have forced several schools to close and left hundreds of homes without electricity.

Dover's port has been shut, and in Scotland, you can't go on some bridges because of wild winds.

Temperatures are also expected to plummet over the next few days, with blizzards and snow in parts of the UK.

On the roads, a large part of the M6 motorway in the north of England was closed after strong winds caused several accidents.

Check out the stormy weather in Scotland

They included the death of a lorry driver, who died as his truck overturned on the motorway near Tebay in Cumbria.

Sleet and snow

One weather expert said the cold weather was coming from the Arctic and everywhere across the UK would have a chance of seeing snow over the next few days.