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Last Updated: Monday March 10 2008 06:42 GMT

Have you been hit by the storms?

A woman with an umbrella on a windy day

Howling winds and rains are battering parts of the UK again.

And weather experts say snow could be back again this week!

What's it like where you live? Is the wind really strong?

Have trees blown down? Is it freezing cold?

Do you want the snow back?

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Your comments

"I nearly got run over by a taxi because the wind blew me onto the road! The weather is atrocious!"

Becca, 12, Glasgow, Scotland

"We've been having all kinds of bad weather, except snow!"

Emily, 10, Lancashire, England

"Last night I couldn't get to sleep as the wind and rain was far too loud and it felt like the window was open even though it wasn't!"

Hannah, 11, Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland

"In the past week, it has been really cold here and the weather forecast for today was heavy snow, but it is now lovely and sunny!!!"

Roisin, 12, Hertford, England

"We were off school on Friday because the weather was so bad and then we got snow on Saturday!"

Hannah, 11, Wick, Scotland

"Where I live we haven't had snow in years. A few days ago we were promised snow, but what did we get? Two days of constant NON-STOP hail!"

James, 11, Southport, England

"It has been really cold today, but I loved playing in the snow this morning. I got up really early and built a snowman."

Lucy, 8, Manchester, England

"On Friday, when I was walking to school I almost got blown over, but on Saturday when I woke up the garden and street were COVERED in snow. It was about 2.5ins thick!"

Annalise, 8, Dingwall, Scotland

"I watched the news the other night and my part of the country was promised snow, but we never got it! I was hoping that I would wake up one morning and find the ground covered in a blanket of snow. It never happened. I am quite down about this as I really love snow!"

Alexandra, 11, Scunthorpe, England

"So far, it has been absolutely freezing cold where I live. Last Friday, the snow was coming down and on Saturday my whole garden was white!"

Eilidh, 13, Stornoway, Scotland

"I woke up this morning, looked out the window and my garden was covered in snow. By about half past 10 it had started melting, but I got to go sledging even though it was nearly all gone."

Katie, 10, Manchester, England

"We haven't been hit by the storms, but it is really freezing."

Aran, 10, Surrey, England

"On Thursday, we had hail falling and rain pouring down in sheets, then about mid-morning the power kept coming on and off. Then it went out completely for the rest of the afternoon because gales had blown down a power pylon."

Georgina, 11, Arborfield, England

"I woke up this morning and it was snowing like mad. It kept on for another hour but it's stopped now and the sky is blue. "

Grace, 15, Manchester, England

"We have had strong winds, rain, hail storms and dark clouds.(We hope for snow!)"

Alexandra, 11, Cornwall, England

"A tree came down in our school grounds and a windowpane got blown inside one of the classrooms. Everyone was talking about it. "

Lucy, 11, Bournemouth, England

"I don't mind if there isn't any snow where I live because I am going on a skiing trip to Austria in half-term where there will be lots of snow!"

Katie, 12, Tadley, England

"Our school was closed because one of the strongest walls fell down."

Tina, 11, Gainsborough, England

"We've had bad weather here. It's been really cold, windy, wet and a tiny bit snowy, but I wouldn't count them as storms."

Catherine, 12, Nottingham, England

"I AM SO COLD!! I just wish the snow had come at Christmas instead of now :("

Carla, 12, Newcastle, England

"This morning I woke up and it sounded like the house was going to blow over! It's been windy, hailing and a small dose of snow but now it's just gone extremely cold and quiet."

Charlotte, 13, Staffordshire, England

"I haven't got any snow yet and I'm very angry too! The weather promised me snow for the weekend but it still hasn't come. I love the snow!"

Kieran, 10, Peterhead, Scotland

"I haven't been hit by the storms but I have felt scared when it thunders. If we get hit by storms I would just go to bed then wake up like nothing happened!"

Sian, 11, Birmingham, England

"It was snowing and windy but was more fun than dangerous!"

Matt, 10, Newcastle, England

"It has been non stop hail, rain and wind. All you can hear inside is the wind it's been awful :-(."

Conagh, 12, Blackpool, England

"No storms yet - I would love to have some snow, I bet it won't reach us again."

Tim, 11, Radstock, England

"In Dublin we had a massive snow blizzard - you could barely see!"

James, 12, Dublin, Ireland

"It is very windy, there are some roofs coming off some houses and it is freezing cold and very wet!"

Jill, 12, Kirkwall, Scotland

"Aaaah! Rain, snow and so much wind... my shed roof came off!"

Jemma, 12, Stoke-on-Trent, England

"It is very sunny but very cold in Dorchester!"

Angharad, 8, Dorchester, England

"I hate this weather. It blows you away when you're getting to school in the morning - there is snow here as well!!!"

Danielle, 11, Berwickshire, Scotland

"School has been cancelled today because of high wind and heavy sleet! It is too dangerous too be upstairs because the tiles on the roof are clattering."

Sophie, 15, Wick, Scotland

"It snowed so badly that the journey home from school, which usually takes 20 minutes, took 4 hours!"

Lill, 13, Cheltenham, England

"It's hurricane force up in Shetland! It gets really annoying, we get the worst of the weather."

Rebekah, 11, Brae, Shetland Islands

"We haven't had snow but we are due to have it tomorrow (fingers crossed!). When we got in the car yesterday the doors were frozen shut - we had to kick them open!!"

Molly, 12, Devon, England

"Well I feel sorry for people who are in the storms. It's nice and dry in London ;-)"

Georgia, 11, London, England

"Edinburgh has been hit by different kinds of weather. We've had snow, rain and sun in the same day. This is what the world has come to because of pollution."

Jordan, 11, Edinburgh, Scotland

"We have had lots of strong wind. In school loads of children held up their coats and tried to fly away in the wind! It's mad."

Emily, 10, Clywd, Wales

"Yes, I live next to the river Clyde and the wind is actually blowing the water out of the river. Also today my sister got taken a few centimetres into the air."

Jordan, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"I live quite a distance from my school and I had to walk home today. The winds were so high that I nearly got blown over and I thought the trees were going to come out of the ground."

Jade, 13, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think that we should stay off school because the wind is too dangerous. The rain is a big problem in our school because it leaks into our sports hall so we can't do much PE"

Kelsey, 12, Manchester, England

"We had a huge sleet storm up here earlier. It was horrible."

Holly, 13, Northumberland, England

"Our school made us go out into the wind, hail, snow and rain. When I got into the classroom my fingers were all very numb in both hands!"

Eve, 9, Glasgow, Scotland

"We were stuck with really bad weather today at school and my umbrella is broke. Four door windows smashed because of the wind and rain and it was pushing me in all sorts of directions. I got absolutely soaked."

Shannon, 13, Hampshire, England

"We've had a mixture of rain and wind and it's FREEZING!! One day though, the wind was so strong I was blown into a bush!"

Lauren, 11, Ossett, England

"Well, I went to bed and I could hear the wind and rain howling! I prefer snow, but it's freezing. I have a netball game and I will be gutted if it is called off!"

Abigail, 10, Porthcawl, Wales

"It was freezing this morning. We've had flurries of snow a few times and strong winds and it's getter colder. Last night I heard things blowing around."

Peter, 9, Newtownards, Northern Ireland

"We have had torrential rain and gales. I was walking to the English block at my school and I got soaked!"

Jodie, 11, Redhill, England

"I was walking home from school when I saw a flying object blowing around in the wind. Then I realised it was someone's umbrella!"

Rosie, 9, Buxton, England

"It was sleeting as we went from school and our hands were almost icicles!"

Eve and Bea, 12, Stroud, England

"I was in R.E. and I was just looking out the window, like everyone else, and I saw the snow blowing so fast. Our head teacher burst into the classroom (she was out of breath) and told us about the snow warning and that there was a 60% to 80% chance that school would be called off tomorrow. Walking home wasn't the best feeling ever, as snow was pelting my face."

Tom, 12, Buxton, England

"This morning it was hammering down with rain and the wind was biting. After school there were hailstorms. Now it is freezing."

Adam, 11, Swansea, Wales

"AAAAHHH! I'm blowing away! No rain but we are having lots of wind... AHHH!"

Kez, 10, Ipswich, England

"When I stepped out of my front door it was... HECTIC! It was hailing, raining, windy and foggy!"

Rebecca, 10, Barnstaple, England

"The sun has come out but it's still windy and cold. I think it will definitely snow tomorrow!"

Joe, 9, Bristol, England

"No, the weather in Reading is fine."

Mohammed, 10, Reading, England

"It was like a monsoon when I stepped out the door this morning - heavy rain and really powerful winds!"

Hannah, 13, England

"I was walking to school, then it started hail stoning and the gales were so severe I turned around and ran back home!"

Fozia, 13, Preston, England

"We got hit by the storms this morning when I was going to school. There was lightning, snow and rain - it was awful."

Kristen, 14, Rotherham, England

"It's very wet and windy and we are fed up with having to stay in for wet play!"

Class 3E, 7 and 8, Bristol, England

"We've been hit by the storms earlier this morning but it's clear skies at the moment."

Amy, 11, Leicester, England

"When we had to get in the car this morning it was hail stoning and we all had to run for it!"

Emma, 13, Manchester, England