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Last Updated: Saturday February 02 2008 09:52 GMT

In Pictures: Facts about Fabio Capello!

Fabio Capello, England boss

Fabio Capello moved here a couple of months ago from Italy. How much do you know about him? Jake's been finding out what he might be getting up to in his spare time.

Jake in a Spanish deli

Here's Jake next to a leg of Jamon Iberico. As an Italian, Fabio Capello probably grew up on pizza and pasta but his favourite food is this special ham from Spain.

Jake with an Italian and English book

Italian or English? Italian is Fabio's first language but now he's living in England he's having to take English lessons. Wonder how he's doing?

Jake at Wembley

Here's Jake outside Wembley Stadium where Fabio's first game in charge will be played. Beckham didn't make the squad, so he's missing the chance to get his 100th cap for England

The Royal Opera House, London

Mr Capello loves classical music, especially by the composer Bach. So he may end up spending quite a bit of time at the Royal Opera House in London.

Jake paints Beckham

Shopping for expensive art is another of Mr Capello's hobbies. He already has an art collection worth millions. Wonder how much he would pay for one of Jake's originals?