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Last Updated: Thursday January 31 2008 12:17 GMT

Our school has a wind turbine

The wind turbine at Hannah's school
Press Packer Hannah's school has had a wind turbine built to help make it more environmentally friendly.

In Hannah's report she tells us more about how her school is helping the planet.

"We have a very environmentally friendly school.

Solar panels were recently put on the roof which gives the school electricity.

We also have lights that turn off immediately when you leave the room.


And now we have just had a wind turbine built at the school.

It's right next to our playground and quite big.

Everyone is really excited about the turbine, we've been learning about it at our assemblies.

Something good

The turbine is going to create electricity that we can use in the school.

I think all schools should have one.

Students can learn about the environment and know that their school is doing something good for the planet."

Hannah, 11, London

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