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Last Updated: Wednesday January 30 2008 14:14 GMT

I don't want my school to be closed down


Alice goes to a school in Shropshire with 84 students.

It's one of 22 smaller schools in the area that the council wants to close down.

Here is Alice's story.

"The council is trying to close down my school, as well as other schools in the area.

The council says that there are bigger schools that have empty seats and they are wasting money by keeping the little schools open.

I just think it's really stupid - why do they want to close small schools that are full and move us to an empty big school?

Sad and annoyed

I'm in year 6 now and I've been going to my school since I was in year 1.

If they shut down my school my friends and I could get split up.

This makes me feel really sad and annoyed.

Carbon footprint

Everyone keeps talking about decreasing our carbon footprint, but if they make us move to other schools that are further away, we will be spending more time in the car.

I go to a really good school and I just feel this will ruin everything."

Alice, 10, Shropshire

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